PG Channel Rules

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PG Channel Rules

Post  BlizzCast on Mon May 30, 2011 9:54 pm

Chieftain Rules:
1. Chieftain is allowed to abuse.
2. Chieftain is allowed to remove members from clan.
3. Chieftain is allowed to demote members from clan.
4. Chieftain is not allowed to use the "Disban Clan" trigger unless the chieftain is the original owner of Clan PG.

Shaman Rules:
1. They are allowed to use kick/ban trigger if necessary.
2. They are NOT allowed to remove a member from clan unless spoken to chieftain.
3. They are allowed to edit the daily announcements.

Clan ProGamers® | Clan PG Member Rules:
1. They are not allowed to trash talk shamans.
2. They are not allowed to trash talk chieftains.
3. They are not allowed to kick out clan members from game.
4. They are not allowed to ban clan members.
5. Allow clan members to download map.
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