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Bot Commands

Post  BlizzCast on Mon May 30, 2011 10:10 pm

Owner Command Triggers:
!kick (name) [Kicks the following player]
!ping (name / empty) [Shows your lag status]
!from (name / empty) [Shows each player where they are located]
!latency (#) [Sets the delay reducer]
!swap (# #) [Switch player places]
!hcl (letters) [Sets game mode]
!start (force / empty) [Starts the game]
!drop (name / empty) [Drops the lagging player]
!hold (name) [Reserves a player]
!fakeplayer [Adds a official non-active player into the game]

Admin Command Triggers:
!announce (#) (Letters) [Every # these words will pop up]
!owner (name) [Changes the owner to a different player if your currently the owner]
!ban (name) [Does not allow that person to join this bot again]
!banlast (empty) [Bans the last leaver]
!virtualhost (letters) [Sets the game lobby bot name into your set letters]
!channel (name) [Makes the bot enter a different room]

RootAdmin Command Triggers:
!saygames (letters) [Sends a message to all games]
!saygame (#) (letters) [Sends a message to a certain game]
!getgames [Shows how many games are in lobby]
!getgame (#) [Shows the game status of the game]
!say (letters) [Forces the bot to say your message]
!addamin (name) [Adds a admin to the server]
!deladmin (name) [Deletes a admin from the server]

NOTES: Most of these will work on hosting bots, but most of them wont work on stealth bots. If there are more commands you would like to add or if theres a concern personal message me.
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